• “We heard from other culinary programs that Mercer was a fantastic partner.  We now know this to be true through our own experiences.”

    “Our students benefit from our relationship with Mercer because they provide high quality, cost effective cutlery for our students.”

    “Mercer has been every bit the partner that we’d hoped they’d be, and then some.”

    “Mercer brings everything to the table that we look for in a partner:  their products are high quality, the prices are economical, and they have the integrity to walk their talk.”

    Chef Jeffrey S. Igel    (Fox Valley Technical College)

  • ‚Äč"Mercer is one of the best suppliers in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry. I have been in the Restaurant and Hospitality distributing industry for around 11 years, and I must say that Mercer is one of the only companies that is an absolute joy to work with. Michael and Joseph are constantly at the top of their game. The customer service team has great support and always gives their all, and the territory representation is amongst the best. In my opinion, Mercer is more concerned with growing RELATIONSHIPS with their dealers than any other aspect. It’s a breath of fresh air, because RELATIONSHIPS and LOYALTY are what drive this industry and seem to be forgotten with other suppliers.

    I have definitely benefitted greatly by ordering with Mercer. The team saves me time and profit by putting Culinary knife kits together for me, instead of myself having to do it. Mercer provides me with display units and signage, doing whatever it takes to support and help the dealer sell more of their products. They also don’t hesitate to help support the actual end-users that support them.

    The results that have come with the excellent effort put forth by the Mercer team has been tremendous. Mercer has made my life much less difficult, which makes me happy. They have excellent quality in their products with an affordable price point, which makes the end-user happier. The breath of line makes it much easier to deal with them then a lot of other cutlery companies."

    Dante Corsi    (People's Restaurant Equipment Company) 

  • "Mercer knives goes the extra distance, their service does not stop at the sale they always follow up making sure the order is correct. Their service is prompt and easy. Mercer’s product knowledge is trend setting, to the best of my knowledge they were the first knife company to provide an expert for in school demos on knife care and sharpening. This is a huge benefit to our school and its students. Another reason I like working with Mercer is their commitment to our future. They not only sponsor programs like Pro-Start at a national level but are active in judging and teaching at local levels. This speaks volumes to a company’s credibility and will always make them one of my first choices as a vender. Mercer’s commitment to the American Culinary Federation (ACF) is another example of how they go beyond the sale, they know the chefs at a personal level not just as a customer. I think the success of Mercer is in its people which fortify the company culture. They are a relationship orientated company that as I said goes beyond the sale. Mercer is a great supplier and a better partner and we are fortunate to have them at The Chef’s Academy."

    Chef Eddie Wilson    (The Chef's Academy)